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2016 New Deal coatings industry will have a positive role in pushing forward

date: 2016-06-18 20:15:13

Following the drop down, after adjusting interest rates, the property market and then welcome the heavy good policy, this time the move is part of the deed of real estate transactions and sales tax! February 19, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction issued "on the adjustment of the real estate trading links deed, business tax incentives notice" (Cai Shui [2016] No. 23). This series of property market New Deal, will give the paint industry a huge role in promoting.

Good policy after another, lifting the overall market confidence

This year the New Deal came fast and great, not February, the New Deal will be gradually introduced positive, goals against, "to stock" over the task of the central economic work conference, greatly enhancing the overall confidence in the real estate market.

      From the time of the New Deal in recent years we can see the difference this year. 2014 was first introduced in September 30 new two suites that standard, 2015 was first introduced in the March 30 "drop down, shorten the sales tax years," and by 2016, the New Deal early on February 2 to be launched soon a. The first is February 2, limited to purchase city purchase of the first suite, the minimum down payment may fall by 0.5% percentage points, down to two percent, two suites can be as low as three percent; February 19 shortly after, "on the adjustment of the real estate transaction links deed tax, business tax incentives notice "release, announced that with effect from February 22, 2016, part of the deed tax cut real estate transactions, sales tax, and to cancel more than 144 square meters of the" red line "limit, the first suite of more than 144 square meters as long as post 1.5 % of the deed; and two suites deed from the previous 3%, according to different areas reduced to 1% and 2%; at least 2 years when the transfer of housing, more than 144 square meters of business tax relief.

      Coupled with the buyers in 2015, 2016 began to taste the sweetness of the central bank cut interest rates five times, and the video simultaneously, residence of the New Deal, the reform of the household registration system, the farmers purchase subsidy and so on, after another good policy frequently introduced, housing demand is undoubtedly give considerable stimulus.

      According to central bank data released late January of broad money (M2) balance of 141.63 trillion yuan, an increase of 14%. RMB loans increased 2.51 trillion yuan, sub-sector, household sector loans increased 607.5 billion yuan, of which, long-term loans of 478.3 billion yuan, an increase of 45.2%, most of this part of the loans and real estate-related, showing residents purchase will strengthen.

The resulting coatings industry linkage lift

When active in the property market to heat up, upstream and downstream industries will inevitably be driven to be developed; if the property market slump, local finance related industries also in the doldrums. The real estate market has become too large pillar industry association, which is now the domestic economic disadvantages. But for us, we can find the popular industry standard.

       Frequent property favorable policies, more than the direct promotion of real estate transactions, also will make the paint industry, household industry and other related industries will usher in linkage promotion. On the domestic market, property transaction occurs, usually accompanied by home decoration behavior. The next step is to purchase decoration, decoration covers the walls, floors, furniture, bathroom and other areas, have a coating in which the interpretation of an important role. For the decoration, the paint is just, interior paint, exterior paint, waterproof coating, spray coating, etc. as well as home appliances, will undoubtedly increase as the demand for household products.

Interpretation of the policy, as well rudder painted palm prices

Favorable policies, does not mean that enterprises will be able to not lose Tu, only interpretation of good policy, in order to catch this tour winds Policy ride.

      The recent spate of the New Deal, the main purpose is to achieve "to stock" major tasks set by the Central Economic Work Conference, but it has little to do with the first-tier cities. Tier cities in building long-term shortage situation, according to data released by market research firm, first-tier cities housing stocks all fell to 10 months of age, such as Shanghai for only 3.7 months to sell. Thus be a simple speculation, most buyers will be renovated within a year or two to sell, painted prices during this period can still be relatively easy to find profit point first-tier cities. In addition, since these places just to be tough, and the subsequent easing hardly cover this.

      Deal most favorable second and third tier cities. National Bureau of Statistics data show that as of late last year, the national real estate for sale area of ​​718.53 million square meters, mainly in the stock portion of second- and third-tier cities, due to the early development of excessive overdraft demand, leading to low volumes. This time the number gradually introduced the New Deal, the property market will benefit the second and third tier cities to the inventory. Case in Foshan, Foshan building housing the Bureau statistics show that last year the city's average transaction price by Foshan beginning about 8278 yuan / square meter to about 9184 yuan / square meters, the Guangzhou-Foshan Nanhai plate located at the end are more price for the first time exceeded the million mark. For coating enterprises, the broader market where approximately whereby it can be identified.

      In addition, for "2 • 19" new deal in more detail, such as "Second Suite deed greater benefit," etc. Details related enterprises should be able to coat their own judgments accordingly, then there will be what kind of product greater demand, or what kind of marketing strategy more in line with the current situation.

      But the market is not entirely decided by the policy, the policy can only play a guiding role on the market. For example, "2 • 19" Deal of the basic tier cities excluded, but the Festival Shanghai, Shenzhen's property market out of the policy guidance, continued to show momentum skyrocketing, which is the result of the overall market to enhance confidence and many other factors working together.

      In short, policy guidance, combined with the actual situation of the industry in order to act as a good business for their own good helmsman sea voyage.