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China coatings industry "golden period" has just set sail

date: 2016-01-14 16:10:27

At present, China has become the world's major powers paint production, but also an important coating consuming country, China has 1.3 billion people, a huge potential consumer market has been the world's attention, China's per capita paint consumption level is still low. Thus, output growth is expected to paint coatings industry there is great potential.

  Data show that last year sales growth of Coatings

  2014, the global paint and coatings grew 3.9%, sales reached 43.38 million tons, total sales of 85 billion pounds, or about $ 132.3 billion. Paint sales in 2014, sales of architectural coatings to 21.69 million tons, accounting for 50 percent of total industry sales, with annual sales of $ 63.504 billion, 48% of total sales; industrial coatings sales of 12,580,200 tons , accounting for 29% of total industry sales, with annual sales of $ 33.075 billion, 25% of total sales.

  2014--2018 Coatings Industry Forecast

  Expected 2014--2018 sales growth in China in the paint will reach about 60%, a huge market growth, businesses by means of technological innovation is imperative in response to the new change in the situation, is expected to 2018, the paint demand will reach 1.6 million tons. (Data from Baidu)

  Industry views

  China's industrial network that, as China's economic development, as well as the next ten years, 80, 90, after a major consumer groups, these consumers increasingly focus on quality of life, coupled with the development of the market more and more standardized, the coatings industry will there is a huge space for development.