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New environmental laws looming paint welcome "green revolution"

date: 2015-11-09 16:14:41

       From the latest environmental law to paint consumption tax implemented, allowing more water-based paint companies to embark on the road of transition, which is traditional, it is wake-up call, or a transition opportunity? And then the introduction of the consumption tax policy is undoubtedly the country to promote green transformation of paint products, the amount of VOC emission reduction to promote a punch, industry transformation and upgrading has become an inevitable trend. In other words, if the paint companies can successfully transition to environmentally friendly direction, it determines the success of corporate change.

      In response to this change, Kao paint positive reforms in transition, in 2015, Kao Corporation comply with the development and needs of the market, to market in April a grand launch of the company's well-developed water paint Kao, whose goal is to create a water paint industry leader brand. In order to develop more environmentally friendly paint products, the company has established a national professional water-based Wood technology research and development centers, and research centers Academy of Sciences, Qinghua University, Chinese Academy of Construction, Beijing Chemical Industry University, Hand in Hand, the introduction of international advanced production technology, research and development of green water paint products for our common goal of forging ahead, to better serve our customers.

      Today, the paint consumption tax policy has been introduced, the paint industry is only a positive response, the sustainable development of environmentally friendly low VOC coatings and high value-added products in order to promote the restructuring of enterprises, promote the healthy and sustainable development. As a practitioner of green paint - lead paint Kao promote environmental technology innovation, research and development of environment-friendly green products, reduce environmental control costs, do green production enterprises, production of healthy and environmentally friendly products.