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Coatings Industry "Oil water" or welcome new opportunities for business transformation

date: 2015-11-09 16:14:20

      With national attention on the environment, all sewage industry have embarked on energy saving green development. Paint industry is no exception, in order to protect the ecological environment, paint companies launched a "water instead of oil," the boom. While the "Oil water" has a certain cost pressures, but once changed, you will receive many benefits.

      Involving a national paint companies and furniture industry "oil water" Tornado, it is in full progress. Oil to water, "the pressure from the central level to implement the country." Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Plan of Action "to further improve air quality, Beijing issued a" Beijing 2013 - 2017 Clean Air Action Plan, "September 1, 2014, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued "on the adjustment of related issues such as sewage fee collection standards," which called provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) with reality, adjust sewage, emissions of major pollutants discharge fee collection standards, improve the collection rate, the implementation of differentiated sewage charging policy, the use of economic instruments, price leverage, establish effective constraints and incentives, encourage enterprises to take the initiative to pollution abatement, protection of ecological environment. More strikingly, January 1, 2015, new "Environmental Protection Law" into effect, has been hailed as a "long teeth" of the law, this history of the most stringent environmental laws, environmental laws Jianfeng directed at air pollution control new regulations: daily meter penalty, does not cap . January 26, the State Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued "on the batteries, paint consumption tax notice", since February 1, 2015 in the country to paint a 4% excise tax imposed at the same time, Under construction status for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content of less than 420 g / liter (inclusive) of paint exempt from consumption tax.

      "We are waiting for others to do."

      In China, on the promotion of water-based coatings have been more than ten years. May 28, 2015, in the coating Association held the Ninth China International Symposium on the development of water-based coatings and environmentally friendly coatings and coating application Forum in Beijing. In fact, water-based paint industry development process of China's slow. Statement from the paint companies, several indicators based Wood hardness, fullness and drying speed reach the level of oily wood, furniture companies do not accept. Water-based coatings not only to environmental pollution, but also for the health of consumers, why is development so slow, I think there are several reasons.

      1, paint companies "are waiting for someone else to do." While various meetings opened a lot of water-based paint, but the paint companies to develop water-based paint has been in a tepid state. Particularly 5 years ago to engage in water-based coatings are applied small enterprises, large paint companies simply dismissive. Because the product itself is immature, with limited capital, lack of promotion, those small and medium enterprises in the water-based coatings applied in the field of strikes has become martyrs. There coated enterprises boss said, "A few years ago, those big paint companies because of their large sales of oil paint on, unwilling to spend more time in the water-based coatings on top of. Were in a wait stage, we are waiting for others to do. "With strict environmental policy, medium-sized paint companies began to enter into the development of water-based wood industry. Especially in recent years, water-based Wood was forced to put on the agenda, and the non-on must be made.

      2, water-based Wood product function, and high cost. The original water-based coatings, basic raw materials are imported from abroad, so the product price is relatively high. In addition, water-based coatings in hardness, abrasion resistance, fullness, slow drying, construction and other non-economic disparity than the oil-based wood coatings. Furniture companies accustomed to oil paint function brings results, while acknowledging the environmental performance of water-based coatings, but also unwilling to accept the idea of ​​the need to strengthen the market leading paint companies.

      3. "Oil water" high cost, the furniture industry step by step. Construction of water-based coatings are more difficult than the oily Wood Coatings. Water-based coatings due to the thin film, so more times to achieve the same with oil paint effects available. As with oil paint brush, may brush "a bottom on both sides," enough, and water-based coatings brushing, we should do "four bottom sides" or "four bottom side", not only increased the material, but also increase the construction program. Also due to the slow drying water-based coatings, labor costs also increases. Meanwhile furniture companies transform spraying production line, coupled with drying equipment, requires a high cost. And the need to paint companies, furniture companies and equipment companies tripartite work together, according to the characteristics of water-based coatings, designed to produce a suitable process and the right equipment. Which off problems, a direct impact on the furniture industry initiative. Therefore, most of the furniture companies are looking to go step by step. Overall, the cost of water-based coatings ratio increased by more than 20 percent oil-based paint, furniture companies do not want to accept the "oil to water" is justifiable.

      Forced launched "oil water," or opportunity for the transformation

      To control air pollution, Shenzhen introduced the "building decoration coatings and adhesives harmful substances" SAR technical specification, since July 1, 2015, a total ban seriously endanger public health solvent-based coatings (paints), adhesives and other substandard decoration decoration materials. To this end, Shenzhen became the first province to limit solvent-based coatings (paints) Sales and use the city. It does not exclude other cities also issued similar regulations. June 15, 2015, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued "wood furniture manufacturing air pollutant emission standards" for wood furniture manufacturing industry proposed air pollutant emission control requirements, focusing on control of volatile organic compounds emissions. In the emission standard, first proposed VOC limit indicators of "raw materials", as well as technical measures and management requirements. This also means that in the future will replace the wood furniture industry, coating materials, use more environmentally friendly water-based paint, replace oil paint. According to regulations, in 2017, the Beijing furniture manufacturing industry will be a total ban on the use of organic solvent-based (oil) paint spraying furniture. This standard is the industry known as the country's most stringent emission standard furniture. In fact, Beijing is only a start it. Many provinces have been in the drafting of standards or for comments stage. Such as Jiangsu Province, the "volatile organic compounds in the furniture manufacturing industry emission standards", but also the first time for the furniture manufacturing enterprises VOC emission limits, monitoring and control requirements for specific requirements for furniture manufacturers must set volatile organics processing facility. National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued "on the adjustment of related issues such as sewage fee collection standards notice" requirement, before the end of June 2015, the sewage fee collection standards doubled. It called on all localities to establish the difference between the sewage charging mechanism for super-emission limits or super aggregates pollutant emissions, and the inclusion of out of class directory of enterprises, implementation of higher standards imposed; for better pollution control of enterprises representing Low collection of standards. In other words, the furniture industry to increase investment in environmental protection if you do not, no equipment modification, not "oil to water", will impose higher sewage charges. Similarly, if the paint companies are not actively carry out technical innovation, production to meet the national environmental protection requirements of the new products, but also the consumption tax will be charged. This furniture companies and paint companies' oil change water "is a great promotion.

      I believe that the furniture industry a "water instead of oil" is actually a lot of advantages, the performance of at least the following five aspects: First, the plant is more environmentally friendly, directly reduce the charges. Second, less pollution, and staff work more fun. Third, the furniture product upgrades, more competitive, and even the proper conduct of the price rise. Fourth, reduce pollution, protect the environment, the government satisfied. V. users and consumers more healthy. While the "Oil water" has a certain cost pressures, but once changed, you will receive many benefits. According to the Chinese coatings reported terminal database shows the number of national furniture industry more than 80,000 serious overcapacity, cohabitation. Industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading of China's furniture industry itself is an urgent need to solve the problem. So far, many large and medium enterprises in the development and promotion paint Waterborne Wood also leaps and bounds, made a very impressive performance. As Chin-chen and Qu Mei Furniture Coatings Group, Magnolia Furniture, St. Austrian furniture, TATA doors, etc. The "oil water" project, the furniture industry and the paint industry has become a classic case. 2014 "Oil water" Qu Mei Furniture transformation process by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau as a demonstration unit. Environmental governance will never hesitate, this is the trend. How paint the furniture industry and other sectors of joint industrial transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment, further effective docking and furniture industry, actively promote the practical application and industrialization process based Wood, the paint companies and furniture companies have an invaluable role .