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Paint industry matures, paint companies how to continue to develop?

date: 2015-11-09 16:10:40

Dig deep into the environmental business opportunities in green paint market competition key

      Natural selection, survival of the fittest, in the above background, paint companies follow the market conform to current events in order to get a chance to develop their own, in the call of national energy saving, environmental protection, echoing the theme of environmental business opportunities in the depth of excavation, the " green competition "as a business development strategy, so long-lasting foothold in the future market, stand in the market competitive high ground!

Proposed at the national level to promote the development of green building materials, which for the paint industry is both a major challenge, but also a rare opportunity from. The foreseeable future of green building materials will become a huge market, and visionary, early development of the road onto the green paint companies will seize the opportunities under this major government decisions.

Under the dome, haze, PM2.5, global warming and other environmental problems plaguing our sustainable green consumption will be the trend of development, low carbon environmental protection products will become the most popular consumer products. 3A green paint green home as a domestic advocate consistently for the development and production of consumer health and environmental protection, green products, and resolutely implement the "adhere to green development, promote green energy" brand policy, so that "environmental health" in-depth 3A green paint brand foundation. Paint companies in order to obtain long-term development, the need to work harder, truly understand the demands of consumers, the "green" philosophy in depth product design, to provide consumers with real environmentally friendly products.

      Urbanization to the paint industry to bring development opportunities

      Environmentally sound construction of the city's endless. Experts call not only to improve our living environment as a whole, but also need the family unit, to redefine environmentally friendly living conditions. Adoption of healthy green building materials home improvement, jointly solve problems of our living environment. Today, with the upgrading of urban living standards, the pursuit of healthy living to make water paints growing market demand, the huge business opportunities ready. A large number of urbanization construction coatings market will provide momentum.