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External waterproof specifications and construction technology

date: 2016-06-18 20:53:42

In life, do not know if you have not noticed, usually after a building or construction to be completed after the completion of a process will be more in the outer wall facades, its role is to prevent the external walls subject to water erosion, which is external walls of water engineering. With the external walls of water this road project, will be able to ensure that our structures and the internal space is not contaminated, corrupted, you can increase the life of the building, but also enable us to live more healthy, safe and comfortable. But external waterproof construction technology we all know?

How do external walls of water

External walls of water should first clean the surface of the grass-roots level and compacted using cement mortar screeds must be fully conservation, without crisp, sand, peeling phenomenon, should meet the design requirements.


Secondly, hair removal,

Furthermore, the key parts of the process

In addition, the underlying brushing

Then, many times brushing waterproof layer

Finally, the adhesive sheet


To prepare to do the construction of external walls of water, tools, construction is first necessary to prepare thoughtful, complete, wall waterproof construction tools:

Vehicles, hair removal machine, all kinds of roller brush row against the drums, paint stirrer


Construction of external walls of water concrete actions:

First, clean up the grass roots, old surface must be clean, without dust and debris, so as not to affect the bond strength, brushing waterproof coating grassroots should be dry. Generally empirically, the naked eye, can also be 1m square Shuo cloth covering it, using sunlight 1-3 hours later.

The second step, after the grass-roots clean-up process is completed, then, cleaning up dead, which is the more important part of the so-called yin and yang angle, construction joints, expansion joints and other processing, particular attention is to strengthen the scuppers processing needs brushing 2-3 times waterproof primer.

The third step, ready waterproofing membrane, waterproof coatings, paint and adhesive base layer coil coating must distinguish, in order to improve waterproofing membrane with the primary adhesion, primer can be used repeatedly brushing, brushing uniform, complete coverage , to fully penetrate the concrete base, in order to improve the bond strength and shear strength.

The fourth step, waterproof coating must follow product instructions ratio, according to A: B = 2: 1 ratio ratio

The fifth step, stirring for about 3 - 5 minutes, and stir until A, B groups were mixing liquid homogeneous.

The sixth step, Stir the waterproof coating according to the site area to start brushing brushing, brushing the grass-roots level is greater than the sticky web area, not more than thirty minutes

The seventh step, step one must be completely solidified after coating before brushing again before brushing the second coating, the first primer brushing about 4-8 hours after the completion of about a second before brushing again and a third primer, the first brushing thickness 0.5mm, a thickness of the second brushing about 0.5mm, the third brush thickness of approximately 0.5mm.

Step eight, when bonding the web to wait for a second time after the paint is completely solidified before construction


    Through the above interpretation of the text, I think we should all know the process of how the wall waterproofing construction of the bar. In fact, in the construction of this wall waterproofing works occupy only a small part, it involves many aspects of materials, design, and management. Although the external walls of water is usually the last step of a construction project, but it plays a vital role in the project if not implemented well, the impact of late is immeasurable, therefore, hope that the implementation of this road project when , carefully, cautiously.