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Second-hand housing wall renovation Tips

date: 2016-06-18 20:50:28

Over time, more and more influx of second-hand housing market, but also very popular, and some second-hand housing owners also own a house like whitewash renovation, the walls of the second-hand housing how to paint it? Also, we all know that just finished painting the walls will have a taste, and the taste of the human body is damaging, then after the end of stucco check how long it takes it, what method can speed up the volatile smell it? Today Swaziland King paint it for you to explain something.


First, under the terms of the second-hand housing how whitewashing finish?

Case 1: If the original wall latex paint, and the underlying strength of the relatively better by simply playing directly after hair repair painting, but be careful not to undermine the integrity of the original wall of the film, do not use more than the original wall paint attached much better focus on the paint, as easy peeling off; if the original porcelain wall scraping, you need to redo the lost production. In fact, in this respect it is to follow the principle that the same character can only be refurbished, or else you have to again; if the original wall paint had been weak, and painted on the latex paint can be put before the bubble down. The best way is to brush 801 glue, putty Zaigua again after sanding paint brush.

Case 2:
Old wall foundation is not good, can not be directly brush, must be re-done.

1, clean up the old wall: a lot of the old walls have oil, floating dust is low, hollowing or cracks, water absorption and so on, then we have to do some cleanup work on the wall. Old wall should be removed from dust, sand eradicate position from Alice skin; location of oil should first shovel out the original coating, can not shovel out to be thoroughly cleaned; cleaning up after the completion of the wall, and then putty scraping two.

2, putty: a large selection of particle fineness and hard texture of putty best, or join in quantitative putty in white latex, can increase the hardness of the putty.

3, grinding: try to use finer sandpaper, usually soft texture of putty (such as 821) with the number 400-500 sandpaper, hard texture, some (such as wall linings, Yi gung flat) with a No. 360 - 400 is appropriate, If too coarse sandpaper, then sand will leave deep marks, paint can not be fully covered. It must be thoroughly cleaned after sanding is completed over the wall, to avoid too much dust, reduced adhesion of paint. Differential unevenness of not more than 3 mm.

4, the primer: primer must be brushed evenly to ensure that the wall every place brush, eat more if the wall of paint, primer best appropriate add a little water, in order to guarantee a uniform brushing. Do not think that is a primer with roller almost on the line, brushing effect primer can directly affect the finish results, use the same material and paint rollers.

5, Zhaobu: putty after sanding is completed, will have some flaws (pit eyes), usually difficult to see, but after the paint brush again will be very clear, this time it has to Zhaobu, and attention must be polished smooth Zhaobu , a chance to apply more water primer brush again, so as not to brush finish time because of water and eat other wall inconsistency of color.

6, paint:
This is the amount of paint on the painting work is usually not add excess water will film thickness, feel and hardness of the film, etc. have an impact, as the choice of better tools, roller the hair is not too short, but it must be fine, so the brush out of the film feel particularly delicate, the main attention to brushing the corner, roll each portion and the intermediate Jiecha grasp the direction to close the paint.

It seems that to paint the wall is not difficult, as long as access to relevant articles, then write down the intentions of the construction techniques, generally not bad. Here to remind everyone that after the end of the wall painting must remember to leave a sufficient length of time to the addition of formaldehyde. Especially the elderly and children at home, but also to ensure adequate time for the addition of formaldehyde.


Let's look, how long after the end of the wall paint is suitable for occupancy?

Typically, after the completion of the wall paint, 2 days can dry film, that is two days after the wall paint is no longer volatile organic compounds. However, if there are children or pregnant women, the best casual cool ventilation after a month, then stay.

The White often ventilation to allow air circulation. You can also put some plants, aloe, spider plants, prickly pear cactus, etc. in the room. 8 to 10 square meters room put a pot of Chlorophytum can play the role of air purification; Aloe: Aloe has a certain ability to absorb odors, and long duration of action; cactus: Most plants are during the day to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, in night on the contrary, and cactus, tiger Piran, Sedum, aloe and spider plants, etc. are always absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.