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Lacquer and paint texture paint distinction decorative effect?

date: 2016-06-18 20:47:52

Lacquer, textured paint is a kind of exterior paint, mainly used for wall decoration. So what difference does both, where the following specific point of view is different lacquer and paint in texture.

Exterior differences: lacquer vivid, true to achieve the effect of natural stone; texture coating visually unique, rich and vivid.

Construction Technology: spray-based lacquer, textured paint to scrape based.

Material difference: the lacquer is the main raw material quartz sand, texture coating texture of sand is the main raw material.

Color mode: lacquer using natural sand color, there are several different colors of sand particles, however, is the use of paste texture paint toning, color is a single color.


    Lacquer biggest feature is close to nature, to the maximum extent simulate the natural tones, giving a natural home atmosphere, enjoy the colors of nature, close contact with nature. Lacquer as an indoor and outdoor decoration materials, both the role of appearance, can also protect the building, to extend the life of the building, which is determined by the characteristics of lacquer, the lacquer has what characteristic?

    First we have to understand is a kind of lacquer paint more of a powdery mixture of powder formulated, its construction is made by injection lacquer spray paint tools, lacquer has the following characteristics: close to the natural color, fire water , acid and alkali, never fade, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, to extend the life of the building and so on. People use lacquer, when most of its value after renovation or natural, vivid and harmonious external effect, with the popular eco-friendly concept, people eager to return to nature, to live a healthy and green life.

    Texture paint in the color choice is more flexible, and can achieve the desired effect of art and design, and in the pursuit of natural lacquer realistic context, even better than the texture of the paint, can be described as different. Texture and paint and lacquer in the production process, in order to permanently maintain the original color, usually the last step above, we ultimately want to use varnish (varnish) spray to protect them should have artistic effect or real stone effect.

    Lacquer imitation marble effect, mainly color development system is the true color of the stone itself; lacquer is sprayed onto the wall, the raw material is quartz sand; and plasticity single. Texture paint is stone-shape effect, is blown to the wall, sand and other raw materials are texture, texture paint is the plasticity and diversity.