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It could lead to major problems neighbor contradictions!

date: 2016-06-18 20:43:18

In life, the contradictions neighbors up and down due to leakage caused by common floor, we can see the importance of water works well, the home decoration among the people, it is essential toilet water problems, how we can engage in water in the bathroom ? this time you need to do the work of the bathroom waterproof, waterproof coating on the toilet brush. But how to brush waterproof paint? In brushing process need to pay attention to what?


Toilet brush waterproof coating processes

1, the first pass brushing waterproof coating

Until you are ready to ensure construction first bathroom is clean and dry, then you can start brushing waterproof coating the first pass. First pass brushing thickness requirements 1.5 mm, wall, water pipes and other surrounding brushing first, then after four hours under normal temperature dry surface, making full brushing. In this process, we should pay attention to the waterproof coating applied uniformly painted, not tainted brush, bubbling, cracking, loss and other phenomena.

2, the second time brushing waterproof coating

After the first pass complete waterproof coating, to wait for it to dry up the second time brushing. As this process takes time thing, or to see you use paint, anyway, everyone wants to wait. Start brushing when the first brush facade painted plane, painted with the direction of the plane is perpendicular to the facade. The last semi-cured coating film again, you can throw pulled coarse sand, which can be combined with cement mortar in future construction.

3, laying a protective layer

Shop protective layer is to prevent the future destruction of the construction is now waterproof layer. The protective layer must completely cover the waterproof layer, but also in conjunction with the base layer should be strong, do not miss the phenomenon occurs, not blistering, cracking, loss and other phenomena.

4, seepage test

This step is acceptance after completion of the project carried out. During the time of the experiment, the highest point of the water can not be less than two centimeters, but also to save more than 24 hours, and then went downstairs to see if there is water leakage does not occur, if the leakage is not found, then the project even if qualified, can affixed to the brick.





        In the bathroom brushing waterproof coating, the most should be noted that under the water table, this place is very easy because of uneven brushing occur leakage. Brushing can be several times more, if you can, the last remaining paint poured around the pipe. In short this place must be carefully painted.


     The above is some knowledge about the bathroom brushing waterproof coating paint Swaziland King to introduce, we want to work to help the toilet water. In fact, the bathroom walls and ceiling are more prone than the ground water leakage, so brushing waterproof layer in the process, paying particular attention to these places, especially the ceiling, in addition to water, should also preventing moisture vapor generated. Another point, upstairs waterproof work if done well, it can also affect the downstairs ceiling oh.