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"Choose a good paint, choose View Queensland, to win the market and win wealth"


First, the product positioning difference:


Swaziland King functional paint advocate "function to change the life" concept, in the environmental, health and nature of the premise, put forward to address the unique needs of various customers to differentiate their products selling point. Customized range of products, seize market opportunities, create wealth miracle.


Second, diversity marketing strategy:


King of Swaziland function paint the difference according to each market, propose different marketing strategies, product and price, to take "pragmatic and flexible forms changeable" marketing strategies principle, to best meet the franchisee differentiated market demand.


Third, honest and trustworthy, courteous service:


King Swaziland function will paint all the partners, distributors, agents and franchisees regarded as the Community interest. We work together, common development and progress, the company will make itself the largest possible, to provide "the highest quality, most detailed and most thoughtful" service for all partners.


Gave birth to the concept of green living environment at home requires paint popular market features


Interior decoration pollution low VOC coatings market demand large


Channel investment


1, scene recognition function Swaziland paint business philosophy, business model

2, interested in engaging in Swaziland King functional paint products business

3, has a legitimate business legal entities and natural persons

4, there is a good business reputation, social relations and background

5, has a management capacity and market development capacity

6, there is a certain economic capacity, is required to achieve the King of Swaziland paint function first purchase amount


Project Investment


1, scene recognition function Swaziland paint business philosophy, business model

2, interested in engaging in Swaziland King functional paint projects to undertake

3, has a strong construction industry connections

4, has a construction quality and strength


Engineering Investment Services


1, engineering-style intention recommendation --- 2 --- 3 cost proposal, proposal construction effects and modeling --- 4, with color and taste recommendation --- 5 --- 6 effect map production, the production of physical samples --- 7, the engineering contract --- 8, the construction team Customer acknowledges --- 9 --- project was established 10 warehouse and material site acceptance --- 11 --- 12 wall sample confirmed, Scaffolding safety inspection, fire protection, measures --- 13 step, completion and acceptance --- 14 --- 15 visits a year visit three years to ensure that the recommendations over years of renovation, life termination


Investment program


1, the Advisory cooperation matters: free of charge Jing Shi Lande supporting information

2, The cooperation Contact: professional engineers to provide consulting services to solve customer's worries

3, signed an agreement: mutual agreement, the signing of the project contract

4, construction: the construction according to the content of the contract

5. Acceptance: Swaziland King Paint Co., Ltd. of internal acceptance and customer acceptance and settlement of project funds


6, the tracking service: Swaziland King Paint Co., Ltd. to build the whole system of visits a year and five-year and over years of renovation proposal