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Roll marks / roll Flower

 Roll marks / roll Flower: When the roll coating, the film inadvertently left on the surface of the textured pattern.

Possible causes:
● cylindrical roller type used wrong.
● Use a low-grade latex paint.
● Use the inferior rollers.
● An incorrect roll coating techniques.
Workaround: use a suitable roller, paint and the substrate to avoid the use of long hairs. Use a good quality roller to ensure adequate film thickness and uniformity. Due to the high solids coating quality, good leveling can be obtained even when the film roll coating. Latex paint rollers wet first, and shake off the excess water. Do not allow material deposited on both ends of the roll. From the corner near the ceiling began to roll coating, and painting in the wall down 0.3 m2 area. In zigzag "M" or "W" by spray coating, roll down and move up in order to reduce splashing paint at the beginning; then, do not let the roller away from the wall, parallel to the coherent and painted the sawtooth pattern.