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Vibrant restaurant

     Depending on your family's lifestyle, restaurant general as the official hospitality at home in daily activities or places. Your restaurant has the function of this space will help determine the style and decoration methods. The use of color can help you determine the tone of the restaurant.

   High frequency of restaurant requires use of high quality paint gloss, so easy to clean. If informal restaurant is located in the kitchen or for the kitchen, you may consider using a single-tone color scheme, or with color in the kitchen with them. In this case, you can also use the complementary color of the color scheme (see "Choosing colors" section), with the adjacent space to create a harmonious, consistent color matching.

Formal dining space is ideal for use with high-end artificial jewelry or other decorative finish. Deep and rich colors are often used to create rich and dynamic formal restaurant. To further increase the vitality, you can consider using decorative paint to mimic an elegant texture (such as leather or suede) to make the walls of your formal dining room is even more elegant.

Through a variety of creative design, color can make your restaurant is full of vitality. Make an accounting for two-story restaurant produce visual segmentation results, you can add a decorative line at the height of the ceiling, and then were painted two different colors (in decorative lines above and below). With the inner layer of paint fashion update outdated siding restaurant appearance. The new high-gloss paint or a traditional high-gloss alkyd paint is the best choice for decorative painting line and siding. High-gloss latex paints low odor and fast drying speed. You can use decorative finishes brushing the wall coverings, wall or ceiling emphasis, to create a colorful, vivid patterns restaurant. Window for internal use contrasting colors painting exhibition of treasures, highlighting the collection of treasures, to create a visual focus.

There are countless methods can use color to make bathroom made all the difference. Add color to paint the wall coating over the siding, paint and wallpaper and paint combined with the use of lace and templates. With strong color contrast decorative bathroom door and decorative lines, the doors and decorative lines painted dark to contrast the wall coating, and highlight the tile colors. Decorative paint for the bathroom adds attractive texture and passionate color. Consider prominent face greater focus on the bathroom wall decorative finish. By the same color scheme with the existing color painting on wood shutters and cornices on the windows so dull coat became colorful.