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Lovely living room

      Today, on behalf of the living room is often the fashion and comfort, it is more likely to be used for recreation and informal family hospitality. This is an outstanding "personal" ideal place for unique decorating ideas, so the living room can be decorated according to the owner's personal hobby, or a random selection of eye-catching pastel colors easily.

         Living room decorative painting process used to show the owner of the patterns, colors and style preference. Use "comb flower" or "drag strokes" for example, in a small square living room, a representative of the theme of one side wall will make the room look longer and more spacious. Consider using to reflect the leather, suede and silk texture of the decorative techniques, for the living room to create an elegant appearance, increase formal atmosphere. In some of the more casual living room, you can also get appearance of denim, plaid and wool by decorating tips.


       Neutral color options can provide the effect of calmness, but also furniture, fabrics and collections in the living room with an eye-catching pattern and with them, more elegant charm. Living room with a neutral color also facilitate internal style changes with the seasons change.


       Can refer to the color wheel, Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute provided to help you complete with eye-catching color scheme of complementary colors. With one or more living room decorated in bold colors, you can create a can stimulate the energy and enthusiasm of the environment.


When living as a family to relax, casual place, satin paint very suitable because of its low gloss and good durability. Depending on your requirements for the appearance of the living room, you can use a good scrub and stain resistance of flat paint.