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Creative kitchen

       Kitchen has been the home of one of the most frequently living space. Since many families in the kitchen and more time spent together, when it carried out the design or renovation, function and style will play a decisive role. Creative use of color will make your kitchen space beautiful up!

         Paint in the kitchen to choose durable products, focusing concentrated in stain resistance and anti-grease resistance and scrub resistance. Practical options include low-light, durable semi-gloss or high-gloss paint. Many paint manufacturers offer specifically for kitchen / bathroom special coatings in these areas.


According to your personal color preferences, color flying kitchen for your imagination provides the ideal opportunity! For homeowners who prefer bright, colorful kitchen provides paint and wallpaper to lace a blank canvas, you can use them to decorate the walls of the combination. Like "conservative color" People will choose personalized pastel colors and embellishment (including the current popular style, such as gardens and nature patterns) cleverly used painting template lace and patterns to existing kitchen style harmonization. Placing a kitchen collectibles (such as pottery or basket upright) Multi-tone color scheme with a single (can be a certain color in different shades), emphasis on the presence collectibles visually, rather than wall coating or other design elements. With complementary paint color painting obsolete or outdated cabinets, so that they look.


The kitchen is a method you can use unlimited unique color and spatial integration of the region! Consider decorative coating methods such as roll coating and comb wove flowers, wallpaper lace coordination with the popular use. Or, if you like the appearance of decorative coatings formed, but did not have time to complete this project, you can try to add together the "man-made" wallpaper pattern edges (imitating decorative painting technique) is coated with a single color on the walls. Coating method or template with hand-painted designs add color and pattern for the simple white tiles. Coating cleverly used a little color on plain water board. Choose a kitchen consistent with the overall tone of your color, coming "artificial" pattern tile to cover the damaged surface. With the same color paint tables and chairs, so that a small restaurant with improper unified harmony. With new patterns or hollow pattern coating and the back seat, tailored to your indoor furniture.