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Core philosophy:“Dream, is to achieve”

Corporate purposes:“Function to change lives, to realize their dreams color”

Corporate Values:Limited quality, unlimited liability, the pursuit of perfection, never end

Brand Concept:Our products: "scenery natural"; our team: 'morale, such as rainbow "; Our services:" Lyceum Wyse "

development plan:Integration of resources, stage of development, cultivate brand, core expansion

Environmental Policy:Integration of resources, energy saving, environmental protection first, harmony

corporate philosophy:People-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, integrity hospitality, caring service


Hotel Exterior

景士兰酒店 041.jpg  景士兰酒店 032 - 副本.jpg

Swaziland Hotels interior view

景士兰大酒店01 - 副本.jpg  景士兰大酒店17 - 副本.jpg