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sales strategy:
      With the popularity of interior paints and mature, coastal areas and cities to enhance awareness of the brand, our product differentiation strategy effective enough, branding is not enough focus on the case should be two to three regions and stronger, bigger. In order to achieve regional brand advantage, and thus gradually expand the market share in the region to promote regional sales. Gradually led to the base of a point in the market area of ​​the province and the country. Therefore, sales channels should assist one or two agents to do meticulous distributors, painters training and after-sales service, establish strategic partnerships in order to achieve a win-win.
Project to undertake:
       That is in addition to existing network, contact the people in the community have a certain influence on the promotion of the interests and cited other conditions, to achieve the introduction of role. For project management should be strict and meticulous, and strive every project can achieve the desired quality projects, improving the company's reputation to promote secondary consumer customers for our products. Dealers and agents are encouraged to undertake projects and training project occupied the regional market outside paint project, the implementation of channels driven projects to promote the channel strategy works. Development of decoration companies, construction companies, real estate developers, subcontracted the engineering team for the object to establish a long-term partner. Establishment of a new marketing program to promote the development of these companies.
       Development of new high self-cleaning, high weather resistance, and other multi-function peculiar, internal performance, exterior paint, in order to achieve the technical level of the leading facades become a real expert. The gradual establishment of the Institute.
Personnel Planning:
       On the basis of two years of stable development on various regional markets, we plan to introduce an international vision of talent to join the capital.
       2 years sales reached 700 million yuan, 3--5 years to reach 10-15 billion yuan, 5--8 years to reach 20-30 billion yuan. Gradually developed in North, Central, South, Southwest and other markets. Develop into annual output of 500,000 tons, to produce high quality, high value-added, functional mainly of large-scale production of high-tech enterprises.