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        Swaziland King Paint Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful West Coast, the East China Sea coast of Fujian Fuqing, the company in 1994 the first to introduce international production technology, specializing in the production of construction, industrial, civil and other series multifunctional coatings. The company has professional talents and construction team, to provide customers with design, the effect map production, computer color, cost proposal, construction management, large-scale projects, renovation of the old wall, building regeneration particularity painting services. The company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification and ISO14024-1999 China Environmental product certification mark.

       Companies with major professional research institutions at home and abroad have long-term friendly and technical cooperation, the establishment of a certain scale of functional coatings research and development center and marketing channels, with strong corporate strength; companies focus on personnel training, after twenty years of market resources integration and process recipe adjustment, innovation developed a series of functional coating products for Chinese environment, we continue to introduce new market opportunities continue to win, always professional and technical services to develop high-quality products and lead the market. Companies adhering to the "functional life-changing color to achieve the dream" of the product concept, fully optimized product package to meet the needs of multi-level market applications, with continuous innovation based on information, correct and timely market information and effective feedback let us do more well, more perfect! We have twenty years in different regions of the country, the climate in different environments, different construction and application of experience building the base surface coatings, is to help us continue to improve and develop functional coatings decisive factor.

       High-quality products, attentive and efficient service, integrity to win a good reputation is our fundamental corporate purpose; customer satisfaction is always the eternal faith Swaziland King constant pursuit!

       We are creating a new kind of life, way of thinking, "feature life-changing color to achieve the dream." ......